Invest in the future!

For more than 90 percent of Montana Tech students, a college education wouldn’t be possible without the support of generous donors. Maybe that was true for you as a student, too.

If you’re better off now than you were before you graduated from Montana Tech, that says something about the quality of education you received—and the quality of life you’ve gained.

We invite you to invest in the future of Montana Tech, to provide opportunities like you received for generations of students to come.

IMPACT for Excellence

The IMPACT for Excellence fund is a new, vital way to support Montana Tech, to give back to the school that helped you get where you are today, and help the next generation get there too. The key point of I for E is that it's flexible. In our current funding model, our resources are already allocated when we receive them. When new opportunities come up, new ways to support our students and faculty, or improve the school and its facilities, we need to be able to respond quickly and decisively, like a business. By giving to IMPACT for Excellence, you are not only continuing the great tradition of Tech, but pushing it farther, making us better. Making us excellent. Make your IMPACT now.

We Make Wise Use of Your Donation

As good stewards of our donors’ gifts, we use the funds to meet a variety of essential needs. For example, last year’s donors allowed us to provide:



$1.4 million for student scholarships

This past fiscal year, we were able to provide more scholarship dollars than ever before. We now offer more than $1.4 million dollars in privately funded scholarships to our students.



$530,000 to recruit and retain faculty members

A Montana Tech diploma means something. It tells employers and graduate schools that the student who earned it received a rigorous education and hands-on training from faculty who are experts in their fields. Without our highly qualified faculty, Tech’s reputation—and the value of a Tech degree—would diminish.

These same talented individuals are also in demand in the marketplace for the very knowledge, skills, and expertise that they bring to our programs. In order to retain and recruit the highest caliber of professors, we use some donor funds to supplement faculty salaries.
scholarship dollars than ever before. We now offer more than $1.4 million dollars in privately funded scholarships to our students.






$470,000 for program support

Some donor funds are designated to improve or enhance academic programs and provide enriching learning experiences. Departments may use these funds for professional development conferences, student academic team competitions, student recruitment, and equipment and supplies. 


$280,000 for capital improvements

Capital improvements are essential for any institution, but especially for a college that wishes to stay at the forefront in emerging technology. Through the use of capital-improvement funds, we upgrade current buildings and help build new ones. We also use these funds to purchase advanced equipment that prepares our graduates to work in highly specialized fields.


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