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Reunion Weekend!

May 10-12, 2012

Graduation weekend is just around the corner and the campus is buzzing with the activities of preparing for commencement and reunion weekend.

As the graduating seniors start gearing up for commencement and their walk to receive that coveted diploma, we want you, our Montana Tech Alumni to join in the celebration, take a walk down memory lane and get reaquainted with old classmates.


Join other alumni and share your stories.

Keep Montana Tech's history alive!


Lost Alumni


Lost Alumni

Jack Fitzgerald '42
Roy Jones '42
Sheikh Aslam '52
Prodyot Das '52
Daniel Geary '52
James Glover '52
Don Rolfe '62
Guillermo Caffarena '72
Lawrence Baxter '72
David Johnson '72
Steven Martin '72
Michael Sullivan '72

      William Campbell '57
James Simon '57
Ariel Orellana-Wiarco '67
Agustin Lafosse-Giles '77
Mohammad Assili '77
Paulette Drozda '77
Christian Eligwe '77
Kathleen Hercod '77
Patricia Kandelborg '77
David McKiernan '77
John Snyder '77
Amer Abourogba '82
Bubaker Abusedra '82
Kim Andersch '82
Raymond Bailey '82
Kimberly Boles '82
George Boulter '82
Clifford Brisebois '82
Allan Bush '82
Anthony Diemert '82
John Doyle '82
Camille Hanna '82
James Harris '82
Larry Hihnala '82
Cynthia Hudgins '82
Lou Jazdzweski '82
Gary Keller '82
Gene Lanier '82
William Lloyd '82
Jorge Marini '82
Douglas Mickelberry '82
Sharon Nolan '82
Shoukat Quazi '82
Miriela Ruiz '82
Benjamin Velasquez '82
Eddie Williams '82
Stephen Wills '82
Joel Wilmes '82
Darrell Aunger '87
Richard Bailey '87
Mark Bessell '87
Mark Devone '87
Michael Doolin '87
Susan Errett '87
Lisa Fritz '87
Jennifer Hagen '87
Brent Harle '87
Cecilia Harrington '87
James Holley '87
Kimberly Holley '87
John Huraj '87
Marshall Hussain '87
James Hyslop '87
Lisa Johnson '87
Joseph Jordan '87
Cory Lyken '87
Loren Mudryk '87
Oscar Peters '87
Frederick Rivers '87
Douglas Robb '87
Donald Robertson '87
Rajiv Sagar '87
Timothy Scott '87
Ronald Smith '87
Eddie Wong '87

Please call the alumni office at 406-496-4402 or email alumni@mtech.edu
if you have contact information for a classmate listed above.  Thank you!




Young Alumni

Have you wondered what happens after you receive your diploma and plungehead first into the work force?  We at Montana Tech want to play a part in your future while you continue to play a part in ours.  Stay connected with Montana Tech as a young alumnus.  Stay connected with Montana Tech as a young alumnus by staying involved. Visit the Young Alumni page to learn how!